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Gaswize your reliable gas cooker & stove installation expert.

Fully qualified, trustworthy and reliable engineer, Gaswize Heating and Plumbing have built up a fantastic reputation for delivering quality installation and servicing of gas cookers and stoves. Gaswize are affordable, free quotations and no call out fees ensure your only paying to get the job done. We work tirelessly to make sure we are providing the very best level of service we can to each and everyone of our customers and we service Southport and surrounding areas Safe Registered and Licensed ( 562719 gas engineer), I will fit all types of gas Cookers and Stoves, from single domestic installation to entire tenanted landlords property, I carry out out all gas installation work for you, quickly and safely to the highest standards.

Servicing your gas cooker will make sure it lasts longer, runs better and keeps warranties valid. Gaswize will happily carry our checks and provide the all important Gas Safety Certification for Landlords. Gaswize will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations every time.

Service and Installation of Gas Cookers and stoves

Gaswize Heating and Plumbing Cooker

Servicing Your Gas Cooker.

It's important to have your gas cooker and other appliances serviced and checked regularly, not just to make sure it works correctly, Its for the safety of everyone in the home. Un-serviced gas cookers may be leaking fumes in to the home affecting everyone. Gaswize is fully gas safe certified and will service your gas cooker quickly, affordably and most importantly accurately for true peace of mind.
Gaswize Heating and Plumbing

Gas Cooker Installations.

Installation of a new gas fire doesn't need to be a headache, choosing a certified gas engineer like Gaswize means you have a qualified professional with the right experience and tools to complete your installation hassle-free. During the installation the situation of your new gas cooker will be checked for safety factors like ventilation and no hazardous fumes are being released. Gaswize putting your safety first.


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