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Gaswize Providing Landlords With Gas Safety Certification.

Fully Qualified. Gaswize Heating and Plumbing have years of experience servicing Gas appliances and providing the landlord with the all important Gas Safety Certificate. As a landlord, you are responsible for the safety of your tenants. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 deal with landlords' duties to make sure gas appliances, fittings and flues provided for tenants are safe and Gaswize are on hand to check and service tenants gas appliances.

After a Gaswize has fitted or serviced your gas appliance, you will be left with a report which explains what checks I carried out. This report may be issued as a gas safety record or safety certificate. The gas safety information tells you that the gas appliance or gas fitting has been checked to see if it is working safely and meets the correct safety standards. I will also leave a reminder for the next visit.


As standard your gas safety certificate will contain:-

  • * description and location of each appliance and/or flue checked
    * name, registration number and signature of the engineer who carried out the check
    * date on which the appliance and/or flue was checked
    * the address of the property at which the appliance and/or flue is installed
    * the name and address of the landlord (or his agent where appropriate)
    * any defect identified and any action required or taken to fix it
    * confirmation of the results of operational safety checks carried out on the appliances.

It’s important to get your appliances regularly serviced to make sure they are working efficiently and safely. You should also have a gas safety check done on all gas fittings and appliances every year.

Gaswize offer you even more savings when you combine your annual service and gas safety certification. Remember no call out or quotation fees from Gaswize.

Landlord & Home Owner Gas Safety Records.

Gaswize Heating and Plumbing Saftey Certiificate

Gas safety records are essential piece of mind.

Even if your a homeowner, tenant or landlord. Having a valid gas safety certificate is your only way of really knowing how safe the gas appliances are, around your home.

The safety certificate and annual servicing of your gas appliances is the only way you will find dangerous leaks, worn and damaged equipment, It really should not be ignored or forgotten.


Gaswize Heating and Plumbing

Can you remember the last time your Gas appliances were serviced or when your last gas safety certificate was issued.

Call Gaswize out today and will service your equipment and confirm it's safe to use.



  • Gaswize, providing homeowner and landlord safety certificates.